Thursday, February 25, 2010

They Way They Were

Things will never be like the used too. Telling that to someone older is impossible. Because everything has changed but they fail to admit it. It's worse than teaching an old dog a new trick, because the old dog listens and doesn't get upset.

I mean its not like things were ever good back in the day, I don't understand why we continue to try and hold onto that little piece of nostalgia, that when you were a kid everything was great. I'm aware that its not. I just wish people weren't so jaded.

Moreover, I just wish people could be even tempered, being a hot head is not cool. It's so not productive and it just hurts everyone around them. But they never know that. They don't care. It's all about them. It's not like its all about me.

I would never want it that way. I just want peaceful conversation. You the kind that leads to results not the kind that go:

"I'm a Democrat."
"Well I'm a Republican."
"We can never agree under any circumstances."
Is it too much to as for courteous conversation?

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