Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have this idea that I can write this amazing blog. That it will have a theme and it will be awesome. I 'll constantly be able to keep it updated on this one theme.

And now I think I have the theme. The Blog could my life. As the heading states, my Adventures. My Adventures into the real world, into Corporate America and just all my endeavors.

I think it would be great to write it down so I don't forget it. And I'd be sharing in the same light. However, as this is a blog I would be unwilling to be truthful. What if the wrong person reads it, what if they find out how I really feel?

Changing names doesn't really change the event. I went with so and so the the park Friday. And if I say so and so was a bore, and they read my blog, they know it was about them. How can I write my life to share without infringing on those around me.

They are reasons we aren't always honest with others, they can't handle it. But its really effecting my personal creative outlets. I have so many ideas to make this a fun blog. And I guess I could only write the positive things, however, its not real then.

If I leave out my personal commentary and the negative things in my life, you will never get to know me and why I think. It won't be my blog. It wouldn't even be my ideal. It's some horrible attempt of me caring all too much about others instead of doing what is good for me (i.e. my everyday life).

So hopefully, I will continue to share my adventures and make this blog into what it could be; my adventures in this "Brave New World."

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