Monday, September 6, 2010


When it rains it pours some days.

A couple weeks back, my car needed a jump to start. I didn't think to much of it because it worked fine afterward. However, yesterday my car was not as cooperative.

The car just didn't want to start. Now, on this occasion we are on a quick run to the Meijer down the road and I had not brought my phone with me.

We (my boyfriend and I) walked back to the apartment, and I sent out a mass text message for assistance. Thankfully, a few friends were up to help me - and I am very thankful for the friends I have.

So, against my boyfriend's advice, I suggested we just go home and everything would be fine. Well it wasn't. Our friend came over to visit, and well we went to leave at the same time... the car didn't start.

We drove to Meijer to get a battery... which we should have down the first time... but hind sight is exactly that.

Thankfully the car is alright now. And I'm grateful to my friends and boyfriend for helping.

I am thankful for being surrounded by a great group of friends... my friends are my family... and its a good thing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be kind, rewind

One of the facts of being in a relationship is that you create habits. These habits will form mo matter how hard you try not to form them. My advice, make them good habits.

Just about every Tuesday Michael and I make our weekly trip to Blockbuster. And I will note that I absolutely love Blockbuster. And here is the main reason why: not only do we get to peruse the store looking at DVD covers of the latest movies. Something about a textile feel just feels so right (and yes I prefer to read paper books to on computers).

After we've made our latest selections, we get to pick the equal amount of movies from the center allowing me to catch up on the oh so many movies I haven't seen. And this bonus classics are free. Ah the perks. The other benefit of Blockbuster, video game rentals. I have multiple fixes that need to be sated.

I feel like a kid in a candy store. Movies make the best dates. Make a nice homemade meal (beef lo mein was tonights) and curl up and enjoy the movies. This is a great habit, the perfect staying in together date. A joint effort in cooking the meal and enjoying a movie is just so nice.

This weeks picks: All the King's Men, The Killer Inside Me, Memento, The Lovely Bones, Secretary, Blow and Abandoned. And yes I haven't seen any of them before, the story of my life. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I know this is actually a week late… but it happens.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to go to Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant and here the president give a speech.

Now I'm not overly political, I believe people are entitled to certain rights and should be afforded them. I'm more of a humanitarian than a politician.

Regardless of your opinions of the president, he can deliver an amazing speech, and just because he was in his home town [although that does help].

Last year, in my second to last term, I had a lovely English course on "Writing Faith, Justice and Love" or something like that. My professor is interested in rhetoric, so during the course we got a crash course in what makes a good speech, well good.

Obama obviously is able to connect with his audience. However, he does more than just that. His speeches always connect to a great achievement in the past, and then transitions into a hard time and ending with a triumph.

His ability to relate the history to the present is amazing. And I know as I say this he doesn't write all of his speeches. But he has the charisma to deliver.

It doesn't matter how well a speech is written; if the speaker doesn't create a rhythm there is no connection.

Just wanted to share this awesome experience, my first presidential speech.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Some mornings you just know its going to be a bad day. Today was one of those days.

It's amazing how one little thing triggers a day of unfortunate events. Nothing catastrophic, just numerous little events that add up to be a huge annoyance.

My solution a rewind button. And I'm not talking about a Groundhog Day situation of having to redo the same actions until you do everything right. I want a rewind that reboots the system and starts anew. A different day with completely different options.

Now, I'm not asking this rewind to be a perfect day, just better than today.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy as a bee

The term "busy as bee" comes from the lovely Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. However, the phrase is slightly depressing to me when I think of the term quite literally. Which bees are the busy ones? The drones. And somehow relating myself to drone is not very comforting.

I'd like to think that my work is not confined to the same routine day after day. Still, as humans we are plagued to be repetitive. Thankfully this week will shake up my drone like nature.

While I will be pushing out the magazine this week at work, I also will be traveling to Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant to hear President Obama.

I think this week may win best week of the year...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moments of me

I rarely take a moment to enjoy the fruits of my labor, let alone be happy about my accomplishments. This way of doing things has been the result of numerous social conditionings — either telling me I'm not good enough still or saying that its not nice to gloat.

And this is the single reason I struggle when writing personal essays highlighting my accomplishments, to me its wrong. Going into an interview is like death to me. "What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?"

Sometimes I just want to be like can u read my resume to find that out, it's got the goods on it. It's not that I don't have confidence in my abilities, it's the whole feeling that the person thinks I'm gloating, even if they asked me the question.

Just last week a couple friends made a comment about how they wouldn't be friends with me if I talked about my accomplishments. It was said in a joking complimentary way — is that even possible? It's okay for others to commend me on an effort or poke fun at my accomplishment, but I'm only allowed to humble. I can't enjoy my own work.

It's frustrating. I don't intend to make you feel inferior you asked me a question. Am I supposed to decline to answer? Am I not supposed to be me. This really became an issue for me when I started college. A 'friend' complained about me to a high school teacher, and he told me I shouldn't discuss my grades with her.

She asked me how my grades were, what was I suppose to do lie? Mind you, this is the same person who asked me what I got on my ACT test, and then didn't tell me their score. So this coupled with numerous amounts of people telling my efforts aren't good enough has led me to not disclose my happiness in my accomplishments.

However, I am going to step beyond the threshold — well sort of. I can type my joy.

So for the past four years of my life I've been involved in my school newspaper (The Varsity News). It has been a highly time consuming part of my life. Heck some might say it has been my life. The paper has taken a lot out of me, but I am very proud of how far its come and very grateful that I could be apart of its rebirth/growth.

How I got involved in the paper was random. I was young sophomore talked into joining the staff by a boy. However, it changed my life. I switched majors from a lucrative nursing career to a communication studies major. And yes, I had no idea what that meant at the time, just new it felt right (and then my ambition decided to do a dual degree in English with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies).

I learned so much from my professor (i.e. Craig) — and I value being able to learn from him. And then one day he couldn't stay and the editor was working and the paper needed to be done. Since that day I've been doing the paper's layout. So, at my current state of trying to step down it's a little hard. It's like watching your child go off to college. You think of all the things you could have done to help them grow up just a little bit better. But at the end you realize you've done all you could do and you wish the best and move on (I'm working on it, still have a little more time with my baby).

And this 600 odd word explanation is just for me to say I'm happy. My hard work was recognized, and I am thrilled.

UDM's Honors Convocation ceremony is March 28, and I new I would be receiving the Dean's List award. And I hoped/expected that I would receive the Communications Excellence Award.

I didn't not expect to receive the Edmund Miller, S.J. Service Award. I'm honored to receive the award. It makes me feel like all my hard work paid off. Someone noticed my efforts. I've dedicated so to the paper and it's being recognized! More so, I'm getting my name on a plaque.

My name will be in CLAE because of all the time I've put in my college career. I'm super thrilled, and trying to enjoy this nice little high.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lists of Me

I wake up, usually just before my alarm goes off.
Walk down to the bathroom.
Then take Liam for his morning walk.
Come back in and get dressed for school.
Come back down, brush my teeth and all that jazz.
Call Kalece to let her know I'm on my way.
Drive to her, drive to school.
Stop off at the Mc Donald's for a little breakfast.
Go to class.
Somehow trip multiple times.
Also, be really nice to people that I sohuldn't be nice too.
Get a headache from the VN.
Leave and drive to work.
Learn something new.
Chat with my co-workers.
Come home.
Walk the dog.
Do homework.
Chat with the most interesting people.
Go to sleep.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazies: A Poem

The smell of fresh clean cut grass before a basketball game
is one of the best that can be smelt.
The thrill of watching the first pitch spin past the batter,
the yell of strike being called.
Oh wait, what's that yonder in midfield?
Why its the old drunkard Rory with his rifle,
swiftly Sheriff Dutton is out to check on the matter.
Dutton sure does have spot on aim to deal with crazy old men.
Dutton mulls over his recent actions,
while is pregnant wife is visited by an out of it patient.
Later that night Bill torches his family home, killing his wife and child.
Dutton figures out the contamination is in the water,
but the mayor fails to shut it down.
Suits comes in the night separating families,
sorting the sick from the well.
Sheriff is well and off to the trains,
but makes a u-turn to save his pregnant wife.
He shows up at just the right time,
with wicked accurate aim to save his wife
before she is stabbed with a pitchfork.
Onward they journey with the deputy and the nurse,
to reach the buses to take them to a safe haven.
They stop at the Duttons to get some fresh clothes and a car,
and Rory's family does not wish to see them go.
Rory's family won't be bothering anyone anymore though.
Avoiding a jet plane leads or group to car wash,
one that the nurse gets hung up in.
Fortunately her friends get out to attempt to save her,
or they'd be dust like the old cruiser.
They manage to tackle an agent to learn about the biological weapon
that was lost into the water supply.
However, the deputy is getting a little trigger happy and kills him
too soon to find out any more.
The deputy makes amends by playing victim,
allowing the sherif and his wife to make it the train station.
Unfortunately they release the survivors were torched as well.
The sherif and his wife find a tanker,
and as the drive off their hometown blows up atomically.
They walk to the next city in hope of shelter.

(I apologize for this horrible attempt at poetry, it was our prompt...)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wintry fun at the zoo

So, you know when you wake up and you have no idea what's in store for you. That was my Saturday. We went to grab some breakfast at Denny's and then we heard the magical words... "Detroit Zoo."

Now, this is not a rant about why on earth the zoo is the Detroit Zoo when it is not in Detroit anymore (like everything else "Detroit").

Going to the zoo in the winter may sound crazy but is was really fun. And we walked around until it closed, so like five hours. And I haven't had that much fun in a while.

More so, I was shocked by the animals that were out enjoying the snow. I mean kangaroos, camels and tigers walking around like its the summertime, not too often you get to see that.

What I will say, seeing the zoo in the snow made me want to see it in the summer, when animals are in their natural habitats. Seeing the (and hearing) the tigers in the snow was amazing. And seeing the gorillas play indoors was cool, but there is nothing like seeing gorillas out in the wild.

But I'm really happy for our zoo, it is doing great things and has some amazing exhibits — although I really do wish the reptile house could smell differently. And can't wait to go back this summer.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have this idea that I can write this amazing blog. That it will have a theme and it will be awesome. I 'll constantly be able to keep it updated on this one theme.

And now I think I have the theme. The Blog could my life. As the heading states, my Adventures. My Adventures into the real world, into Corporate America and just all my endeavors.

I think it would be great to write it down so I don't forget it. And I'd be sharing in the same light. However, as this is a blog I would be unwilling to be truthful. What if the wrong person reads it, what if they find out how I really feel?

Changing names doesn't really change the event. I went with so and so the the park Friday. And if I say so and so was a bore, and they read my blog, they know it was about them. How can I write my life to share without infringing on those around me.

They are reasons we aren't always honest with others, they can't handle it. But its really effecting my personal creative outlets. I have so many ideas to make this a fun blog. And I guess I could only write the positive things, however, its not real then.

If I leave out my personal commentary and the negative things in my life, you will never get to know me and why I think. It won't be my blog. It wouldn't even be my ideal. It's some horrible attempt of me caring all too much about others instead of doing what is good for me (i.e. my everyday life).

So hopefully, I will continue to share my adventures and make this blog into what it could be; my adventures in this "Brave New World."

They Way They Were

Things will never be like the used too. Telling that to someone older is impossible. Because everything has changed but they fail to admit it. It's worse than teaching an old dog a new trick, because the old dog listens and doesn't get upset.

I mean its not like things were ever good back in the day, I don't understand why we continue to try and hold onto that little piece of nostalgia, that when you were a kid everything was great. I'm aware that its not. I just wish people weren't so jaded.

Moreover, I just wish people could be even tempered, being a hot head is not cool. It's so not productive and it just hurts everyone around them. But they never know that. They don't care. It's all about them. It's not like its all about me.

I would never want it that way. I just want peaceful conversation. You the kind that leads to results not the kind that go:

"I'm a Democrat."
"Well I'm a Republican."
"We can never agree under any circumstances."
Is it too much to as for courteous conversation?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


You know how you wake and the day feels like any other day. Nothing spectacular or particularly bad, just a day. Well that was yesterday until I got to school and received the best message ever.

The one that says your paper work is pretty much done, when can you come in and talk scheduling; you know the one were you know you're finally going to start working. Yeah that is the e-mail I have been waiting for.

Waiting and telling people that I will be working is far different than actually knowing that you have a job and ARE working. I mean it felt so unreal to me. Like, yeah, I will have a job. Now it is a for sure in my grasps type thing and that excites me.

I love working. It gives me something to do, something that makes me not feel like a lump on a log wasting space and oxygen. it gives me a purpose.

So, pretty soon there will be a first day with my big girl clothes on. I'm so excited to not be searching for an internship for the summer and stepping into the real workforce!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Straight to DVD

In today's markets box office movies aren't usually that successful. And rarely live up to their potential; leading me to become a huge fan of direct to DVD releases. Some of the best movies I have seen lately have been viewed only on DVD (or in a few film festivals or with a limited release).

One of my favorites would be Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Now, I did happen to work for the distribution company when I was told to watch it. And well, my opinion at the time was it was going to suck. I mean everyone says a movie is good, especially if they have something vested in it.

This, however, was amazing. One, it had so many "old" faces it had a very cool appeal to it. And I got sucked into this movie. The way the documentarists become the subject is amazing. It's a really compelling story line. It's the making of a great.

It's aware of the different horror villains. It's conscious and it has the laughs. And maybe because I didn't expect much this movie blew me away. But, all my friends liked it too. It was like my way of introducing horror and my new internship to people. Like hey, i work for this awesome company (i.e. Anchor Bay Entertainment) and this movie is frickin awesome.

Another DVD favorite of mine is Awake (I'm aware that it was released, but I didn't see it till it had a Blockbuster Exclusive on it. Not even sure it was released in my area). I was
n't sure what to expect but the movie was great. There were twist and turns, and it had the "real" horror appeal. I know there is a big line drawn in horror now and those who favor the creatures that go bump in the night or those who enjoy the idea that their monster are regular people doing evil things.

This movie hits that dead on the nail. I mean the idea of "anesthesia awareness" creeps me out. As a person who has never had surgery — knock on wood — the idea of being totally awake really creeps me out [Although, the geek in me is slightly fascinated by the idea].

The movie is the exact opposite of Behind the Mask. It shows the inner workings of humans and how deplorable they can be, and that fascinates me. I love a movie that can make me think and take me on a journey I never expected. And a movie "with a twist" after twist that works is even better. Appreciating these little gems really can enhance you're viewing pleasure. Big blockbusters are not necessarily where it is at anymore.

Future of Me

What I plan to do in my future is like asking me what I don't want to do. I am really excited for the future. I'm excited to get of college and do the work thing full-time, but I'm not comfortable leaving college and intend to work on my masters degree in the fall.

I know that I have a position in Ford's Communication's department, not really sure what that will entail, but I have it. The real, 40 hours a week kind. The kind that will let me move back out on my own. That probably means the most to me. Being on my own. Autonomy has always been my thing. I enjoy my alone time.

Don't get me wrong I learned to share in the sandbox, but I also know that I enjoy the time I get to myself. More so, the time I will spend decorating and making a home out of it. Call me Suzy Homemaker, but designing and furnishing a place of your is the best feeling ever, especially when you get to share it with the one you love.

Eventually, I want my Masters degree to turn into a PhD and to end up teaching at the college level. I'm not 100 on what I want to teach, but I do know that I want to teach, I love the classroom and I would love to give back. Education is by far one of the most important factors in my life.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zombies ???

Okay, now to be honest I don't understand the hype about zombies. But I want too.

I love my mons
ters: werewolves, vampires, psychopaths and ghouls. However, I feel that something separates my beloved monsters from the zombies. Connection.

I like to know my monsters, call them by name. Name a zombie? I can't, and I know I have prejudice, but I can't connect with a zombie.

I want to know the zombies plight.

I constantly empathize with my monsters. I know their history and what caused them to reach this point. Be they innocent unsuspecting victims of werewolves or vampires who become part beast or join the undead; there is still a story there. We continue to follow their personal journey. They matter.

For example: "Well, I like you, You're nice and you're funny. And you don't smoke, Yeah, OK, werewolf. That's not all the time. I mean three days out of the month I'm not much fun to be around either." (Willow after finding out about Oz's condition. And a very great point, lunar schedules and menstrual periods have long been linked...)

Or Frankenstein's monster who is really created out of the peoples problems and represent our own personal demons. That is what I can understand. Hell, you can even identify with the likes of Jason a boy who was overlooked and now kills teens who have sex — and they say horror movies don't have morals. ;)

When I watch a zombie movie the zombies are not the point. It's Alice or Columbus who is trying to survive.

I don't care about Alice or Columbus I want to know the zombie. I don't want to see the kill of the week (okay i did enjoy the movie, but that's not the point).

I want to know my monster. I want to know his wants, needs and qualms. How did he get turned? How does he feel about it?

I'm not trying to hate on the zombie, I just want to get to know them better.

Stream of Conscious

So I am under the opinion that female sports don't matter. This hurts my soul. I was a female athlete. It is so upsetting to know that people cannot appreciate female athletics. They are amazing athletes and can do things that the average person cannot. All athletes are capable of feats most people cannot complete, however society holds a view that places more precedence on male athletes. Why is my question? Yes, I understand that women may not be able to run equally as fast as men or that they may not jump as high. However, they are equally competitive. I mean I was even okay with the fact that guys would go to our volleyball games in high school just to see us and the other team in spandex — and oddly women's beach volleyball is by far one of the most popular sports — its amazing what a uniform can do. Now, I know I should be upset that sports that show women in tight or minimal clothing attract more viewers; but the fact that viewers are watching delights me. So, please don't mind my rant just trying to work out some issues.

High Anticipation = Mega Failure

Honestly I just want to leave me title and be done with this blog. I am sick of being so super excited for a movie to come out and then when I go see the movie — meh.

I mean looking at The Wolfman's billing, it should have blown me out of the water. It didn't. Nothing really made me shiver from excitement.

And its not just The Wolfman here. So many movies do not live up to their potential. It is a trend in Hollywood.

If the movie should be the best thing ever it won't be. This is my new general rule of thumb. Furthermore, I refuse to get excited anymore. If I don't get excited, I can't get disappointed.

My only concern is I am already excited for Alice in Wonderland. The cast and the director are amazing. It's one of my all-time favorite books. I can just taste the disappointment on my tongue.

Very few movies deliver on the hype anymore. And I really am just hoping for a few movies this year to wet my whistle and get me excited for my favorite pastime again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Non-Romantic Love

I love my Macbook. It goes everywhere with me. It keeps me connected. I would honestly be lost without this crucial piece of hardware.

All of my class work, pictures, videos, music and just stuff is saved within its plastic cover. An entire lifetime of work is collected within its frame - which is a scary thought.
I love an object because not only does it hold my past within it, it allows to me create a future. I continue to grow my plethora of college articles.

Although, as far as the future is considered it allows me to network. Now I'm not saying that any laptop cannot do the same. But my Macbook is just that, mine, which makes it more awesome.

I do not know what I would do without Spaces. It allows to have four screens of different objectives. It is a necessity for all you multitaskers. Each screen has its own objective.

And yes, as a proud procrastinator one of the screens is dedicated to all my chat clients and Seesmic feeding me my Twitter timeline; but the rest are dedicated to work, well class work for the moment.

My Macbook keeps me connected and I am grateful that everyday it works when I open it and it does not crash. Besides built in iSight is very fruitful for random photo shoots with friends!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scary Movies Make for the Best Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day around the corner I thought it would be fitting to discuss the marrying of all things love and all things horror.

Valentine's Day is a time to share with that special someone all the love that is in your heart. Although it may be a Hallmark holiday, I'm a fan of it. How could you not enjoy the joy of love?

While typically this day includes flowers, chocolates, bears, champaign, dinner and all things fitting. Lately I've noticed a much enjoyable trend for myself. The release of a some type of horror film on that special weekend.

To me that is the ultimate gift. Getting to watch a much anticipated horror flick on a weekend of love. Last year the Michael Bay Friday the 13th remake was released (on Friday the 13th) and this year the highly anticipated Wolfman remake is being released on Friday.

Not commenting on the lack of originality in film making with both of those selections being
remakes, they are both films meant to make you jump. Scary movies make ideal Valentine's Day movies because they guarantee physical contact.

I love scary movies. They are by far my favorite type of movie, but loud noises scare me. I will know that Jason will be behind the door and still jump. Or even worse a door will open and i've jumped five feet in the air because it was loud.

The cuddle theory exists for a reason. I am not the only person to jump during a horror film (or any film at that). By the way I am not condoning watching a gory film with someone who is not a fan, because that is a sure fire way of ending up not were you want.

So if you still haven't planned your Valentine's date yet... consider checking out Wolfman. I'm hoping its fantastic and will be royally pissed if its not. But it will make for an awesome Valentine's Day gift. And I cannot wait to be thrilled!