Monday, June 22, 2009

Vampire Love

So a new meme was posted this weekend facing Buffy the Vampire Slayer off against Edward Cullen of Twilight. (Link for those who haven't seen: Buffy vs Edward)

And the conclusion, Buffy stakes Edward, the end.

The video is amazing for many reasons, one it shows the creepiness of Edward. Now Buffy has dealt with stalker issues, one in Angel. Yet, Edward's creepiness is much more awkward especially since Bella plays up the 'innocent.' With Buffy being the prized possession, a strong assertive female character combating this stalker we see him for what he really is.

But it gets better, a blog was written blaming Whedon for the influx of emo vampires. (Check it out here: Whedon's Fault?)

So this author claims to be a BtVS fan, debatable. But somehow he reconciles with Angel enough not to consider him completely wimpy and emo; and basically blames Spike for the emo vamps.

If there is one thing Spike is not, its emo. From the first moment Spike arrives in Sunnydale you know he's a big bad.

His relationship with Dru is amazing; and yes he may be love's bitch, but he's also a hell of a fighter. I mean seriously, Spike and Dru were not suppose to live past Season 2; yet they both lived on through the entire series.

And this is where our Whedon critic finds fault, Buffy's inability to kill Spike. However, she did try to kill him as much as he tried to kill her - hell she even staked him, but he lived thanks to the Ring of Amara.

Buffy and Spike were equals on all fronts, with the witty quips and they matched each other physically. Their role as enemies was bound to change, and that reason is Buffy. Her character was so strongly written and powerful - she got Angel motivated and on a road to redemption, and was bound to ensnare Spike.

And unlike Angel, Spike is always seen as a threat, he has the potential to kill them. Also, from the beginning and as Spike's character grew, he never had desires of destroying the world. All he ever wanted was a hell of a fight and his happy meals on wheels. 
Spike's obsession with Buffy easily moved to love, hell Marsters even discusses playing up the sex from there first encounter (Mash of James Marsters Interviews). Spike is in no way creepy or emo. Even after being chipped he rebels against the forces of good. 

Even chipped Spike found a way to fight, his own kind even. The decision to kill his own kind got him in trouble and made him as an enemy to all demons: and he didn't do for the love of puppies, but for the love of the fight.

Spike was never your typical monster vampire, that's what made him so special; he reeked of humanity. Yet this humanity made him one of the best BtVS characters. Even during Season 6, when he was Buffy's wind up doll. He was there for her when no one else was. He knew what happened before everyone. My only regret is they never got to have a healthy relationship (although season 7 showed such great promise.)

Another thing, he got his soul. But he is still unmistakably Spike and a killer, as The First showed. He's emo because he switched sides and put on a white hat? I never found anything emo about Spike. While he may have become less violent towards humans (especially Summers women), he never lost his fight.

Spike willingly got a soul and stood against evil... that's so emo...

Yes, he was a love sick puppy. But he also told it like it was. He didn't sugar coat who or what he was, ever. He killed two slayers - and this came in handy to help Buffy.

Eventually he became a Champion and 'died' for the world, to save the world. And denied Buffy's love, the one thing he wanted more than anything, he denied. And went out with a bang.

As a character, Spike is hands down the best: he compliments whomever he works with, be it him and Buffy or him and Angel. Or any combination. The banter, the fights, the sex. Whatever it is, he does it the best and he makes it amazing. He is always in the thick of things; either muddling things up or being a hero.

And another thing on this whole vampire subject.
 When the hell did vampires become sparkly? Better yet, when did the lose that pesky sun allergy? Vampires are supposed to be dark and mysterious. You can't quite do that in broad daylight in a classroom. It comes across as creepy stalkerish, and not in a sensual vampire way.

Since Bram Stoker first crafted Dracula - vampires have been the ideal monsters. The eternal youth and beauty, the hyper sexualized aspect, the darkness, the mystery, the blood lust.

And that is what has made vampires so attractive, they stay hidden in the shadows and pull innocence there; not walk among it. The vampire loses its attractive qualities when the become daywalkers. No more mystery. 

Whedon's vampires are not Emo and did not start the emo vampire. When you change the lore, you change the genre. That's what creates vampire impostors. They lose their appeal. They become commercialized. Spike and Angel played upon the inherent vampire qualities, the became attracted to that which they cannot have. Star-crossed lovers is nothing new.

So please stop blaming Whedon and Spike for something they did not do. Both are amazing. And maybe people would see that if they read a real vampire book, and not just the contemporary teen lust.

Monday, June 15, 2009


So, I don't really have insomnia. 

But I do have to wake up in say, 4.4 hours and get ready for work.

And still, this does not motivate sleep; and i've been up since 7:30 a.m.

Wish me sleep.