Tuesday, February 23, 2010


You know how you wake and the day feels like any other day. Nothing spectacular or particularly bad, just a day. Well that was yesterday until I got to school and received the best message ever.

The one that says your paper work is pretty much done, when can you come in and talk scheduling; you know the one were you know you're finally going to start working. Yeah that is the e-mail I have been waiting for.

Waiting and telling people that I will be working is far different than actually knowing that you have a job and ARE working. I mean it felt so unreal to me. Like, yeah, I will have a job. Now it is a for sure in my grasps type thing and that excites me.

I love working. It gives me something to do, something that makes me not feel like a lump on a log wasting space and oxygen. it gives me a purpose.

So, pretty soon there will be a first day with my big girl clothes on. I'm so excited to not be searching for an internship for the summer and stepping into the real workforce!

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