Monday, February 22, 2010

Straight to DVD

In today's markets box office movies aren't usually that successful. And rarely live up to their potential; leading me to become a huge fan of direct to DVD releases. Some of the best movies I have seen lately have been viewed only on DVD (or in a few film festivals or with a limited release).

One of my favorites would be Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Now, I did happen to work for the distribution company when I was told to watch it. And well, my opinion at the time was it was going to suck. I mean everyone says a movie is good, especially if they have something vested in it.

This, however, was amazing. One, it had so many "old" faces it had a very cool appeal to it. And I got sucked into this movie. The way the documentarists become the subject is amazing. It's a really compelling story line. It's the making of a great.

It's aware of the different horror villains. It's conscious and it has the laughs. And maybe because I didn't expect much this movie blew me away. But, all my friends liked it too. It was like my way of introducing horror and my new internship to people. Like hey, i work for this awesome company (i.e. Anchor Bay Entertainment) and this movie is frickin awesome.

Another DVD favorite of mine is Awake (I'm aware that it was released, but I didn't see it till it had a Blockbuster Exclusive on it. Not even sure it was released in my area). I was
n't sure what to expect but the movie was great. There were twist and turns, and it had the "real" horror appeal. I know there is a big line drawn in horror now and those who favor the creatures that go bump in the night or those who enjoy the idea that their monster are regular people doing evil things.

This movie hits that dead on the nail. I mean the idea of "anesthesia awareness" creeps me out. As a person who has never had surgery — knock on wood — the idea of being totally awake really creeps me out [Although, the geek in me is slightly fascinated by the idea].

The movie is the exact opposite of Behind the Mask. It shows the inner workings of humans and how deplorable they can be, and that fascinates me. I love a movie that can make me think and take me on a journey I never expected. And a movie "with a twist" after twist that works is even better. Appreciating these little gems really can enhance you're viewing pleasure. Big blockbusters are not necessarily where it is at anymore.

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