Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stream of Conscious

So I am under the opinion that female sports don't matter. This hurts my soul. I was a female athlete. It is so upsetting to know that people cannot appreciate female athletics. They are amazing athletes and can do things that the average person cannot. All athletes are capable of feats most people cannot complete, however society holds a view that places more precedence on male athletes. Why is my question? Yes, I understand that women may not be able to run equally as fast as men or that they may not jump as high. However, they are equally competitive. I mean I was even okay with the fact that guys would go to our volleyball games in high school just to see us and the other team in spandex — and oddly women's beach volleyball is by far one of the most popular sports — its amazing what a uniform can do. Now, I know I should be upset that sports that show women in tight or minimal clothing attract more viewers; but the fact that viewers are watching delights me. So, please don't mind my rant just trying to work out some issues.

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