Wednesday, February 17, 2010

High Anticipation = Mega Failure

Honestly I just want to leave me title and be done with this blog. I am sick of being so super excited for a movie to come out and then when I go see the movie — meh.

I mean looking at The Wolfman's billing, it should have blown me out of the water. It didn't. Nothing really made me shiver from excitement.

And its not just The Wolfman here. So many movies do not live up to their potential. It is a trend in Hollywood.

If the movie should be the best thing ever it won't be. This is my new general rule of thumb. Furthermore, I refuse to get excited anymore. If I don't get excited, I can't get disappointed.

My only concern is I am already excited for Alice in Wonderland. The cast and the director are amazing. It's one of my all-time favorite books. I can just taste the disappointment on my tongue.

Very few movies deliver on the hype anymore. And I really am just hoping for a few movies this year to wet my whistle and get me excited for my favorite pastime again.

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