Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Non-Romantic Love

I love my Macbook. It goes everywhere with me. It keeps me connected. I would honestly be lost without this crucial piece of hardware.

All of my class work, pictures, videos, music and just stuff is saved within its plastic cover. An entire lifetime of work is collected within its frame - which is a scary thought.
I love an object because not only does it hold my past within it, it allows to me create a future. I continue to grow my plethora of college articles.

Although, as far as the future is considered it allows me to network. Now I'm not saying that any laptop cannot do the same. But my Macbook is just that, mine, which makes it more awesome.

I do not know what I would do without Spaces. It allows to have four screens of different objectives. It is a necessity for all you multitaskers. Each screen has its own objective.

And yes, as a proud procrastinator one of the screens is dedicated to all my chat clients and Seesmic feeding me my Twitter timeline; but the rest are dedicated to work, well class work for the moment.

My Macbook keeps me connected and I am grateful that everyday it works when I open it and it does not crash. Besides built in iSight is very fruitful for random photo shoots with friends!

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