Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scary Movies Make for the Best Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day around the corner I thought it would be fitting to discuss the marrying of all things love and all things horror.

Valentine's Day is a time to share with that special someone all the love that is in your heart. Although it may be a Hallmark holiday, I'm a fan of it. How could you not enjoy the joy of love?

While typically this day includes flowers, chocolates, bears, champaign, dinner and all things fitting. Lately I've noticed a much enjoyable trend for myself. The release of a some type of horror film on that special weekend.

To me that is the ultimate gift. Getting to watch a much anticipated horror flick on a weekend of love. Last year the Michael Bay Friday the 13th remake was released (on Friday the 13th) and this year the highly anticipated Wolfman remake is being released on Friday.

Not commenting on the lack of originality in film making with both of those selections being
remakes, they are both films meant to make you jump. Scary movies make ideal Valentine's Day movies because they guarantee physical contact.

I love scary movies. They are by far my favorite type of movie, but loud noises scare me. I will know that Jason will be behind the door and still jump. Or even worse a door will open and i've jumped five feet in the air because it was loud.

The cuddle theory exists for a reason. I am not the only person to jump during a horror film (or any film at that). By the way I am not condoning watching a gory film with someone who is not a fan, because that is a sure fire way of ending up not were you want.

So if you still haven't planned your Valentine's date yet... consider checking out Wolfman. I'm hoping its fantastic and will be royally pissed if its not. But it will make for an awesome Valentine's Day gift. And I cannot wait to be thrilled!

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