Thursday, August 12, 2010


I know this is actually a week late… but it happens.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to go to Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant and here the president give a speech.

Now I'm not overly political, I believe people are entitled to certain rights and should be afforded them. I'm more of a humanitarian than a politician.

Regardless of your opinions of the president, he can deliver an amazing speech, and just because he was in his home town [although that does help].

Last year, in my second to last term, I had a lovely English course on "Writing Faith, Justice and Love" or something like that. My professor is interested in rhetoric, so during the course we got a crash course in what makes a good speech, well good.

Obama obviously is able to connect with his audience. However, he does more than just that. His speeches always connect to a great achievement in the past, and then transitions into a hard time and ending with a triumph.

His ability to relate the history to the present is amazing. And I know as I say this he doesn't write all of his speeches. But he has the charisma to deliver.

It doesn't matter how well a speech is written; if the speaker doesn't create a rhythm there is no connection.

Just wanted to share this awesome experience, my first presidential speech.

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