Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazies: A Poem

The smell of fresh clean cut grass before a basketball game
is one of the best that can be smelt.
The thrill of watching the first pitch spin past the batter,
the yell of strike being called.
Oh wait, what's that yonder in midfield?
Why its the old drunkard Rory with his rifle,
swiftly Sheriff Dutton is out to check on the matter.
Dutton sure does have spot on aim to deal with crazy old men.
Dutton mulls over his recent actions,
while is pregnant wife is visited by an out of it patient.
Later that night Bill torches his family home, killing his wife and child.
Dutton figures out the contamination is in the water,
but the mayor fails to shut it down.
Suits comes in the night separating families,
sorting the sick from the well.
Sheriff is well and off to the trains,
but makes a u-turn to save his pregnant wife.
He shows up at just the right time,
with wicked accurate aim to save his wife
before she is stabbed with a pitchfork.
Onward they journey with the deputy and the nurse,
to reach the buses to take them to a safe haven.
They stop at the Duttons to get some fresh clothes and a car,
and Rory's family does not wish to see them go.
Rory's family won't be bothering anyone anymore though.
Avoiding a jet plane leads or group to car wash,
one that the nurse gets hung up in.
Fortunately her friends get out to attempt to save her,
or they'd be dust like the old cruiser.
They manage to tackle an agent to learn about the biological weapon
that was lost into the water supply.
However, the deputy is getting a little trigger happy and kills him
too soon to find out any more.
The deputy makes amends by playing victim,
allowing the sherif and his wife to make it the train station.
Unfortunately they release the survivors were torched as well.
The sherif and his wife find a tanker,
and as the drive off their hometown blows up atomically.
They walk to the next city in hope of shelter.

(I apologize for this horrible attempt at poetry, it was our prompt...)

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